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Session Replay Review: Mouseflow Session Recording, Heatmaps, Funnels & Forms


Mouseflow Review: How Good Is This Session Replay Tool?

Session replay enables you to replay users’ browsing sessions to learn exactly how they are using your website. The insights your business can gain are many, when you choose a quality session replay or recording tool. Here is how one such tool called Mouseflow stacks up against the competition – Read here our Mouseflow Review.

What is Mouseflow?

Located both in Redmond, Washington and in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mouseflow is one of the leading companies offering session replay / website user recording tool. Lasse Schou is the CEO and founder.

The main features of Mouseflow are:

  • Performs advanced web analytics (specifically heatmap analytics)
  • Works in real time
  • Offers filters for ease of analysis

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Mouseflow Review: What Does this Session Replay Tool Offer You?

Mouseflow records full user sessions, tracking their website mouse activity, scroll behavior, and clicks. The online session replay tool can take large amounts of data and break down the numbers for you for advanced web analytics at a reasonable price. It enables you to live stream people on your site with a website recorder and figure out which experiences on your website are frustrating (and not) for users.

Use this information to strengthen the online experience you provide to your target audience as well as make more money because web pages won’t be off-putting to users. We would be remiss in our Mouseflow review not to mention that you can track how the website works cross browser and on different operating systems. And using several heatmap tools can provide you with deep insights into how users relate to your website.


mouseflow dashboard

Features: Heatmap Tools, Mouse Tracking, and More – Mouseflow Review

By using Mouseflow as a mouse tracker, drawing on its visual insights, and utilizing its heatmap tools, you can achieve many benefits. For example, you can improve how users interact with your website, increase the conversion rates, and pump up sales. The product is supported by many devices, from Mac, Windows, and Linux to web-based, mobile app, and Windows phone, making it very versatile.

Regarding its heatmap tools, there are many to make use of, including click, scroll, and movement heatmaps. As for analysis, there is in-page, link, form, funnel, usability, and drop-off analysis. For example, funnel analytics let you see how users act from page to page. Additional features in the comprehensive session replay software are keystroke logging, trend report, and performance testing.

The dashboard gives you an overall view of the statistics, divided into the two main sections of “Recent Recordings” and “Popular Heatmaps.” You can flip between your pages and your heatmap tools with just one click, which is very convenient. The layout is responsive too, meaning you can resize its window to alter how the information looks to you.

You can even integrate Mouseflow with third-party software you already use or have been meaning to add to your business system. The session replay tool integrates with chat software like Zopim and Olark, as well as the survey software Qualaroo, to name just a few.

Mouseflow Pricing

Mouseflow offers a free plan, as well as three packages (Starter, Growth, or Pro), and custom enterprise plans. It works on a subscription model. Here is an overview of the paid plans:

Starter plan – $29/month (paid monthly) or $24/month (paid annually). This package includes 2,500 recorded sessions per month for 1 website, and 1 month of storage.

Growth plan – $99/month (paid monthly) or $79/month (paid annually). It includes 10,000 recorded sessions per month for 3 websites, and 2 months of storage.

Pro plan – $399/month (paid monthly) or $299/month (paid annually). The package covers up to 30 websites, 100,000 recorded sessions per month, and 3 months of storage.

Who is Mouseflow Ideal and Best for?

Small and mid-size organizations stand to benefit from Mouseflow, as do large enterprises. Government branches, non-profits, and freelancers can also reap benefits from features that include website mouse tracking and heatmap analytics.

The session replay tool is one that marketers, product groups, and people wanting to increase conversions can consider adding to their repertoire. Mouseflow is available in many languages other than English too, including French, Japanese, German, and Swedish, so companies around the world can make use of it.

Free or Paid Subscriptions?

There are many plan choices, depending on the number of websites and depth of analysis you want to achieve. The free-forever plan is good if, for example, you have no extra funds as a freelancer but want to get a few insights into usability or web analytics.

But if you want to record a significant number of sessions, you’re going to have to upgrade to at least the Starter package. For a mid-size or large business, the Growth package would be the minimal one you would want to use because of its higher number of recorded sessions (5x the Starter package) for only about $50 more a month.

As for how pricing compares to other session replay tools, our Mouseflow review indicates the Mouseflow Starter package is cheaper than Inspectlet’s Micro version, with double the recorded sessions per month. In other words, Mouseflow is better value for a small business looking for a mouse tracker and heat tools. In a second comparison, this time to Visitpath, Mouseflow offers a range of packages while Visitpath only offers one price of $98 per domain. There is more flexibility with Mouseflow pricing.


mouseflow funnels

Mouseflow Review: Pros and Cons


We like that Mouseflow is easy to set up. Within 45 seconds of having the product, you can be looking at live users’ behaviors. Which takes us to the next benefit of this session replay tool. It uses real life behaviors, not mock scenarios. Therefore, you can make more accurate business decisions than with hypothetical situations.

Also, you can capture a wide range of user behavior, from start to finish, thanks to features that include the mouse tracker and assorted heatmaps tools. You can get an in-depth view of every web page you own with the Mouseflow tracking abilities, from the clicks to mouse movements. Even the small details of user behavior are shown on your dashboard.


But, a downfall is that you will have to go to a higher plan than the Starter package if you have more than one website and each plan limits the number of sessions you can watch in the month. If you end up getting a huge boost in site visitors, you might not be able to track their sessions if you have reached your plan’s maximum viewing amount.

Session Replay: Special Features

We think it is helpful how Mouseflow offers a live filtering feature to give you a real-time look at the data to optimize your website immediately. Sifting through a lot of data is complex and making sense of it, so that you can boost conversion rate, is much easier with the robust filters.

You can also use the filters to compare previous visitor behaviors to current ones, so you can determine if your website changes are for the better and the impact on your business. Plus, you can share the data with your team by filtering it, saving the results, and then simply sharing it through your dashboard with them.

We want to point out the usefulness of the heatmap tools too. Look at click locations, mouse activity, and scroll depth with the heatmaps analysis. You can find out how they fill out forms on your website, navigate your web pages, and more. Determine if you are getting the desired interaction from website visitors and, if not, how to improve the numbers collected by Mouseflow.

Also helpful are the blog posts through that provide helpful tips on using the session replay tool and growing your business or strengthening your marketing campaign. We recognize this feature is an extra; not all competitors put the energy into creating original blog content for their customers.

How is Mouseflow Customer Support?

There is a Support Center at Mouseflow that acts like an FAQ page, except that you type your question into the search bar for a more interactive experience. Also, Mouseflow is reachable by phone in several countries aside from the U.S. and by email. There are many ways to reach the company, depending which one is most comfortable for you.

Mouseflow Review Conclusion

Record your website visitors easier and more in depth than before with the Mouseflow session replay tool. While you will likely have to go for more than the free plan, it is worth the investment (if you have the budget) for upping conversion rates and improving user experiences with your website. Use the mouse tracking and heatmaps tools to get valuable data that you can see clearly on your dashboard, especially with the unique filters.

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Jul. 26 2018

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